Danielle Elliott
Danielle Elliott
Creative, Brand Strategist & Photographer




Iโ€™M A BRAND STRATEGIST & PHOTOGRAPHER WITH AN EYE FOR DESIGN. I LOVE TO develop engaging brand experiences that touch each part of the customer journey, AND I find the intersection of storytelling, design, and photography to be the sweet spot where all the magic happens.




Over the past six years I've been working with a fab team of folks at online education startup CreativeLive developing content, establishing a brand voice and aesthetic, and heading up brand campaigns. I lead the brand strategy and established the mission, vision, value proposition, and brand attributes. We created a brand book and style guide as a foundation to move forward from and expanded the brand expression through voice and tone, photography strategy, and thoughtful design. From new product launches to concepting & creating new branded content to overseeing the brandโ€™s heartbeat in the style guide and brand book development to building out brand experience pieces in the studios, as the sole brand role in the company I was the thread across teams and executions.

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MY Roots


I began my career in film production in LA which led me down a path as a producer. After over a decade of producing in post & production from edit houses to agencies, I decided to pursue more creative endeavors which led me to online education startup CreativeLive where I began as a Content Producer, went on to run the creative team and eventually moved forward to lead brand strategy. I'm also lifestyle photographer focused on storytelling through lifestyle imagery.



Stories are a communal currency of humanity.
— Tahir Shah