Taco del Mar Beach Volleyball Popup

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know that warm sunny days are at a premium. So what’s a baja-inspired brand like Taco del Mar to do to bring tropical vibes to this corner of the country?  The team at Wexley School for Girls dreamt up the perfect way to bring a day at the beach to people of downtown Seattle and it was up to me to bring it to life. We dropped over 100 tons of sand on Friday night, had a regulation-size beach volleyball court groomed overnight, had a full day of play (and tacos) on Saturday, and had the entire thing vacuumed and cleaned up by Sunday morning. Logistics included securing fine quality sand, arranging for its removal, beach day festivities including brand ambassadors, outreach to local beach volleyball teams, sun swag, and a fab DJ to provide the tunes.

Role: Integrated Producer



Behind the Scenes