Danielle Elliott

Danielle Elliott
Creative & Brand Strategist, Based in Seattle, WA



I'm a lifestyle photographer, storyteller, brand nerd, foodie, traveler, cat-lover, and all around fan of good vibes.  I believe in the power of a well-crafted cocktail and the perfect song to change anyone's mood, and there's rarely a day when I don't stop to smell the roses.



I began my career in film production in LA which led me down a path as a producer. After over a decade of producing in post & production from edit houses to agencies, I decided to pursue more creative endeavors which led me to online education startup CreativeLive where I’ve developed content, run the creative team and lead brand strategy. I'm also a photographer focused on storytelling through lifestyle imagery. I’m deeply passionate about experiences and find the intersection of storytelling, design, photography, and music to be the sweet spot where all the magic happens.



most importantly

THIS SPRING, I’M sharpening my design skills, listening to 90s hip hop, and working on mindfulness.


Over the past six years I've been working with a fab team of folks at CreativeLive developing content and our brand voice and aesthetic.  My first task in the brand role was developing our mission, vision, value proposition, and brand attributes which gave us a foundation to move forward from.  Much of that work has been brought to life through voice and tone, photography strategy, and thoughtful design.

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